These photos was taken from “My bromance”-a Thai movie. I really love 2 main actors in this film, they are so cute ❤

Like the title, it tells a story about Bromance, but I hope it would be love 😀
My Bromance-30My Bromance

My Bromance-1

My Bromance-2

My Bromance-3

My Bromance-4

My Bromance-5

My Bromance-6

My Bromance-7

My Bromance-8

My Bromance-9

My Bromance-10

My Bromance-11

My Bromance-12

My Bromance-13

My Bromance-14

My Bromance-15

My Bromance-16

My Bromance-17

My Bromance-18

My Bromance-19

My Bromance-20

My Bromance-21

My Bromance-22

My Bromance-23

My Bromance-24

My Bromance-25

My Bromance-26

My Bromance-27

My Bromance-28

My Bromance-29

My Bromance-31

My Bromance-32